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Priced Too Low

We want to be careful not to price the home too low, as we do not want to leave money on the table. Our goal is to get you as much money as we can.

Priced Too High

We also want to be cautious of pricing too high. Homes priced too high produce far fewer showings, and those showings do not generate offers.

Accurately Priced

Pricing a home accurately is the best way to ensure that the home will sell in the shortest time possible and achieve the highest price possible.

Selling your home in 7 Steps:

When you select Alpha Realty to promote the sale of your property, we become your “Seller’s Agent” working on your behalf and looking out for your best interests.  We will market your home, evaluate, and negotiate offers from buyers, and guide you throughout the entire transaction to ensure a successful closing.


We will determine your needs and what is important to you in the sale of your house. Determining your motivation, timeline, pricing, previous selling experience and any concerns you may have. We will go over your homes marketability.


What are some favorite features about your home?


  • What compliments have friends and neighbors made about your home?
  • What characteristics do you feel make your home unique when compared to others?
  • Who do you consider to be the target market for your home?
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Step 2 - Develop Pricing Strategy

Its really quite a simple equation. Price + Exposure = Your Home Sold.

You must first start out with the correct, accurate pricing for your home. Then once we have the home priced right, we will heavily market the home to both potential buyers as well as to other Realtors in the area. We have established many great avenues and resources for marketing your home, but if we are overpriced, all of our extensive marketing efforts will go to waste.

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Step 3 - Develop Marketing Strategy

87% of home sales are generated from the marketing efforts of a real estate professional.

Real Estate Agent and Internet leads are directly driven from having your home listed on the MLS.


over 90% of buyers are searching online for homes. This is often the first step a buyer takes when planning to buy a new home. And it is also important to know that today’s buyers are extremely educated and knowledgeable on the market before they even go out to look at homes. They know the current inventory, what pricing looks like, what has recently sold, and for how much.

With the utmost importance of online exposure, we have a strategic marketing plan that focuses strongly on the exact locations where buyers are looking the most.

Step 4 - Implement Customized Marketing Plan

Our ultimate goal is to exceed your expectations in achieving your real estate objectives. As professional Realtors we have resolved that nothing less than your complete satisfaction is acceptable. To achieve our goal, we will work to obtain the highest price for your home within the allowable period of time.  Once all of our initial marketing is in place, we will continue our efforts in promoting your home until we have completed the sale.


Our Continued Marketing Efforts:

  • Follow up through market analysis and agent feedback
  • Periodic reviews of our marketing plan based on current market activity
  • Discuss pricing and timing within the market
  • Notify you on other competing properties in your neighborhood
  • Inform other agents of any and all changes to your listing
  • Maintain stock of property brochures for buyers
  • Make seasonal changes to online marketing as needed

Step 5 - Understanding Your Role

  • Always maintain your home in ready-to-show condition.
  • Try to be flexible in the scheduling of showings.
  • It is always best to leave during showings. Also secure pets or take them with you.
  • Save business cards of all agents who show your home.
  • Be cautious when talking to buyers, you could accidentally weaken your negotiating position.
  • Let us know of any changes in your property’s condition.
  • If approached by buyers not accompanied with an agent, contact us immediately. Do not let them in unescorted.
  • All valuables such as jewelry, portable electronics, collectibles and pharmaceuticals should be safely secured.

Step 6 - Negotiating the Purchase Contract

An offer for your home will come in the form of a Real Estate Purchase Contract (REPC) – a state approved form that is used to present an offer.  The REPC should be thoroughly read and reviewed before any decisions are made.  Once we receive an offer for your home, we will carefully review all terms of the offer with you.  All accepted terms of the REPC must be carried through the life of the contract.  The signed, accepted REPC (with all addenda & counteroffers) is a LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT.

Step 7 - Managing the Transaction Through Closing

Providing the Seller’s Disclosures

This is the process where you as the Seller are required to provide information relating to your home.

  • Seller Property Condition Disclosure –  filled out, signed and dated from Seller.
  • Commitment for the policy of Title Insurance, showing easements, encroachments and liens.
  • HOA information, budget, minutes, assessments, CC&R’s, and survey, water rights if applicable.
  • Copy of any leases, rental, and property management affecting the property not expiring prior to closing.
  • Notice of any claims and/or conditions relating to environmental problems & building or zoning code violations.


Buyer’s Due Diligence (Evaluations and Inspections)

This is the time period provided to the Buyer to learn, review, inspect and decide if acceptable.

  • The Buyer will carefully review all items provided in the Seller’s Disclosures.
  • The Buyer may schedule physical condition inspections, tests and evaluations of the property.
  • The Buyer will review the costs, terms and availability of homeowner’s insurance for the property.


Buyer’s Right to Cancel or Resolve Objections

If the Buyer determines the Evaluations and Inspections to be unacceptable, the Buyer may:

  • No later than the Due Diligence Deadline, cancel the contract by written notice to Seller.
  • Or no later than the Due Diligence Deadline, resolve in writing any objections.


Remaining Contingencies and Financing

In the final steps of the transaction we will coordinate and complete any remaining details.

  • Is the sale contingent upon an appraisal? At what amount did the property appraise?
  • How is the Buyer’s financing going? Are there any last minute issues for securing their mortgage?
  • Was the sale contingent upon the Buyer selling their previous home?
  • Final pre-settlement walk-through inspection.


Settlement (Closing)

Settlement, and then Closing shall take place only when all of the following occur:

  • Buyer and Seller have signed all documents required by REPC, Title, Lender, etc.
  • Any monies required to be paid have been delivered by Buyer and/or Seller.
  • The proceeds of the new loan have been “funded”, then all closing docs are “recorded” at the County Recorder.
  • Hand off keys, garage door openers, manuals, warranties.
  • Help you to find a new home in this area or offer relocation assistance.

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